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One by one, our clients couldn't be more diverse with great experiences!

We are so pleased to be able to work with such a diverse group of people.  From new business owners to savvy entrepreneurs, from independent owner operators to midsize companies, from those preparing to launch to those eager to expand, east coast to west and all in between, we are honored and proud to serve such a diverse group of clients.

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I found Joel's NEMT business through a random google search. To my surprise, whatever he said convinced me he was worth looking into.  After viewing his YouTube videos, I was convinced he was the resource we would need to help us reach our goals. So, I purchased Joel's one-on-one online coaching which came with all the DVDs wow! Everything I'll ever need; a bible for the NEMT business.  It even has a fail-proof business plan included.  

The first contact was with his online manager, Daniel. Daniel was very professional and very prompt with his email responses and was very helpful in answering all of my questions and concerns. This left me with a good impression already.  

After receiving the Market Analysis, I was impressed to see how detailed, organized, and complete the information was.  I knew this was going to make my life so much easier and save me a lot time. I was very pleased with the outcome.  

When I finally got to hear from Joel himself, he has been nothing short of amazing. It’s one thing to watch the DVDs, which already has so much information, but it's another to actually get to work with him. He is not only professional, but he is always very prompt with his email responses, detail-oriented, honest, straight to the point, and even has a great sense of humor.  He has a wealth of knowledge that blows my mind, as well as  years of experience in the NEMT industry.  

For someone just starting and brand new to the business industry, Joel held my hand every step of the way. He showed me step by step what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. He helped me create a catchy color scheme and logo. He even created an Executive Packet for me with all the marketing material I'll ever need.


I've tried other one-on-one online coaching in the past for other reasons not related to NEMT, but nothing beats Joel's strategies and work ethics.  He truly makes you feel he is right there with you every step of the way, leaving you feeling reassured that he is on your team and rooting for you to succeed.  

Joel is big on saving money; holding on to money unless it's absolutely necessary to spend it, which helps when you have a small budget to start with.  60 days doesn't seem like a long enough time to get things up and going, however, if you listen and follow his directions, your business will be up and running faster than you expect.


I am extremely pleased with the investment I made with Joel.  I'm a believer that you can't put a price on your education, and I truly believe I received more than my money's worth in working with Joel and his team. I give him my highest regard and trust in him as well as the process.  Passing up the opportunity to work with Joel and his team will just be a waste of time, effort, and money.


Very Respectfully,                            
Kathleen Camia, MSN, FNP-BC
Veterans Transition Center                          

Joel - just getting back to work after the seminar and wanted to drop you a line.  Jeanne and I are still reeling with excitement and positive energy from the seminar.  I don’t really know what we expected but we were blown away! I have been in business for many years and can’t ever remember being this pumped and excited from anything I have participated in the past. The meet and greet set the tone for the weekend and we got to know many of the attendees and have so many contacts from Friday night. These people are so great and it was great to be surrounded with like-minded people.  What a great networking opportunity for us all.  I actually received so much information from the other folks to help me in our journey in the NEMT industry that Friday night alone  would have been worth it – no exaggeration!                    

Saturday was packed with useful information and I can honestly say attending your seminar will return thousands and thousands of dollars for our business.  We are actually just in the beginning of our company even though we have been following you and purchasing your items for two years.  As you say, learning from someone else’s mistakes is invaluable.  As I told you, our home healthcare franchise cost us $25,000 in the beginning and we pay about $6,000 per month in royalty.  I would never want to let our franchise owner know this but I can say I have received more help and great information from your seminar and your material than I have with my homecare franchise.  That blows me away and has me thinking you should franchise (I know you hate that idea) or at least raise your prices.  Glad I got in at the cheaper price, though.  LOL! 

As I state before, I have been in the business for many years and there is so much fluff out there, but your information is the REAL DEAL! Your heart is in the right place and God is using you to change people’s lives. How awesome is that. Jeanne and I cannot thank you enough. We are excited about our new journey and call you our mentor but more importantly, our friend. Sounds mushy, but just being honest.   


Your brother and sister in Christ,
Marty & Jeanne Ruegg
Community Caregivers of Green, Inc.

I would like to share my experience with Joel Davis for anyone thinking about starting an NEMT business and enlisting Joel’s help.              


My business partner and I started our company in 2014. We  purchased Joel’s material and studied his DVDs. We were off to a great start and doing very well when, tragically, my partner unexpectedly passed away in 2016. This was a very difficult time for our company and respective families.              

Further complicating this difficult ordeal was the unexpected legal battle between my business partner’s widow and our company. Without disclosing all of the associated details, they claimed our business was valued at much more than it was.  Had they won, we  would have had no choice but to sell immediately or close our doors.              

Not sure of what to do, I reached out to Joel and retained his services.  Joel performed an executive business evaluation for our company and worked closely with my attorney.  Joel’s findings directly refuted what the plaintiff, their attorney and their business broker claimed our business was worth. This legal dispute went to trial in early 2018 and Joel was called to testify as an industry expert and to provide testimony of the value of our company at the time of my partners passing.  In April 2018 we received the judge’s ruling who agreed with Joel’s valuation of our business. Needless to say, Joel’s help was critical in helping us keep our business and bring this lengthy and costly legal dispute to a close.              


I cannot thank Joel enough. We used Joel’s information to get started, which was great, but nothing compared to his help when we needed it most. Joel really is The Authority in the NEMT industry and I encourage everyone to listen to his advice. I know everyone claims to be a guru or an expert and there is a lot of stuff online, but I encourage you to consider the source because when you least expect it you might need real help. After personally working with Joel during this difficult time and relying on his expert testimony, I gladly tell everyone Joel is the real deal.


Thank you,
Richard Dent 

Hello Dan, I see you and Joel have been busy!  In a previous conversation I mentioned how we were on track to hit $145K in 2016. Well, we did $150K in 2016, our first year of doing any actual business and then closed out 2017, our second year at $497,385.  I remember mentioning we would probably double our 2016 numbers, but woah!  We more than tripled them!  All private pay, no MTM! Everything grew so fast there were a lot of growing pains, but we are getting a pretty good handle on it now. We are going into 2018 with a half a million dollar business and will be growing even more.

I watch every video and read every email Joel sends out. I sometimes go back and read the  ebooks I've purchased from you guys.  Every bit of it has helped our business to get where it is today.  C'mon, half a million in year 2?  I've listened.  And me and my partners (brother-in-law & cousin) will listen to everything Joel tells us. Dan, please pass on this email to Joel. Thanks to you and Joel for the ongoing education.  Be well! 

Josh Trucks

My name is Scott Jordan, owner of a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation business in Virginia. I've had the opportunity to do many things such as the military, college, and traveling. I'm still a Licensed Respiratory Therapist and believe my background in the medical field has benefitted me. I've been working and enjoying my business for approximately 7.5 years. While it's still a learning process, we're growing and looking forward to continuing success.


When starting, I was gathering/acquiring as much information as possible.  I eventually found Joel Davis. He and his staff have proven to be an asset.  Through the years, I have purchased numerous education materials to include his dispatching programs, DVD's, e-books, etc.  Joel's information is essential! Also, you can join his monthly info website and network with other NEMT providers throughout the country.  You don't just buy his materials.  Joel and his staff will answer your questions.  From a personal perspective, it gives me great confidence knowing that if it's related to NEMT I can find out the answers from Joel and his staff.                       

Recently, he proved again that he was there for me when I needed him to expand my business. Joel speaks through experience, has gone through the trials and tribulations in NEMT.  I've never met him in person, but hopefully this will happen soon. As my business progresses, I will definitely stay in-touch with Joel and his staff.  

Thank You,
Scott M. Jordan 

My name is Yandra Lallave and I am the founder of Key Ambulette Service Inc, a new non-emergency Ambulette Company servicing the [Name] area.  I would like to offer this testimonial to share my  experience in working with Joel and to encourage others who are looking for or considering Joel’s help.  

My partner and I ventured into this business nearly 7 months ago, and boy has it been an interesting journey. The majority of our research stemmed from online information, books and communication with people in the field that is until I found Joel.  

For the most part, the initial process was moving along well - that is until it was time to start negotiating contracts and coming up with strategic business plans.  That’s when I enlisted the help of Joel Davis for guidance. I was, honestly, pretty reluctant to obtain Joel’s services.  I wasn’t sure if he was an online scam or  not so I decided to reach out to him via e-mail to test whether he would respond to my request.  I wanted to feel Joel out a bit before committing to his services.


After expressing my concerns and worries in my e-mail, Joel immediately called me.  I was surprised to say the least with his response time, or response at all. Joel was warm, informative and provided honest feedback - and he was advising me for free at  that point.  

Our working relationship with Joel has been great. When it came down to negotiations and contracts I was overwhelmed - simply lost to say the least.  Joel worked with us and made the process as smooth as possible.  I honestly do not know what I would have done without Joel’s guidance and expertise. Further, I thought I only needed transportation assistance. While that was certainly necessary, Joel’s negotiating expertise was a nice addition.  Because of Joel, I am in the early stages of contracting with the 2nd largest transportation company in my region.  That was beyond my expectations.  

I cannot be more satisfied with Joel’s service. I hope to continue building a long lasting business relationship with Joel working with him in the near future. 


Yandra Lallave                      

When NEMT was just an idea in my head I started looking for any helpful hints on the subject.  I quickly discovered Joel's website and it didn't take me long to decide buying his ebook.  The free information out there is always welcome, but I was looking for real substance, values and prosperity. 

In reading Joel’s book I immediately saw the value of working with a true coach and signed up for his one on one coaching. I can definitely attest that Joel is a guru in his discipline. He has been quite literally placing my one foot in front of the other and helping me from the very beginning. Joel has led me through every little detail with patience, understanding and honesty. 

Joel has helped me with purchasing the right vehicles, branding my business, create the right policies, coached me through meetings with facilities, and so on. Many times Joel or his staff has even emailed me with reminders when we have been working on a specific project.

Investing in a legitimate business mentor is a step which should not be dismissed in today's changing and fast pace marketplace. If you are like me and have been thinking NEMT for a while and seeking help, I can hardly imagine you will find anything more valuable than the advice, direction, and feedback that Joel has to offer.

I have learned and benefited so much from Joel and his team that I have retained his services long-term. Being able to contact Joel and enlist his help with specific projects and agreements is priceless.  If you are thinking of starting or need help in growing a NEMT business then I believe you will greatly benefit from Joel’s lessons and guidance.  You can’t possibly go wrong!!                

Thank you Joel and the supporting team!

Chris Pramatarov 

Joel, a few months ago, my partner and I decided to purchase your eBook and subscribe to dme after being in business for a few months. We knew that there was a great need for our company within the community.  Simply, because there was only one company serving a community of 100 thousand people with a growing elderly population.  We knew that success was inevitable, as long as we approached the situation with the right mindset and being properly prepared.  All we cans say is “Wow!!!!!!” Those tools overhauled how we consider to do business.  We recently received our certification to transport Medicaid clients.  These tools gave us a jumpstart to began to establish a system to handle our future clients, which is a huge.  

With these tools, we are able to outperform our competition, who has been in business for 5 years and caused 60% of their client to change over to our company.  Your system gave us an advantage over the competition to receive a contract from the city that the competition had for several years. Since, we’ve been serving this contract there’s been an increase in rider participation and enrollment.

Thank you for giving us the necessary tools to plan to handle our clients with excellence. Because of these tools we have change the way the game is played.  Vendors within our community are impressed at the level of excellence of our dispatchers responsed to calls and how are drivers keep up with clients schedules.  Your tools have allowed us to perform at a level that has never been seen before within our community. One of the philosophies I preach to the team is the 4 Ps: Proper, Preparations, Proceeds, Performance!!!  Your tools provide the framework to make those Ps come alive every day!!!

Again thanks. 

See At the Top, because the bottom is over Crowded!!! 

Here to serve,  

Anthony D. Cherry  


Reviewing Joel's materials shifted my focus from a "It's Government money" mindset to focusing on private pay. 

The market analysis was awesome! When the time is right, I was going to reach out for additional ones. 

In corresponding with Joel, one of the things I am most appreciative for is the recalibrated focus of "making decisions on the margin." That it is not a time-based or desire-based decision (unless a key contract requires). Rather, tracking detailed analytics of "missed opportunities" should drive the hiring of additional team members or purchasing additional vehicles. I think this point should be emphasized/outlined in greater detail. I can see how this approach will help alleviate cash flow issues in the future. 

I also appreciate Joel helping to find a quality used vehicle. I made an assumption that I did not properly validate (that used wheelchair vans look like the shabby providers in my area) and was focused on purchasing a new vehicle. It was a steal of a deal and is, essentially, new but at half the price! I appreciated his persistence on this topic. 

Working with Joel was an excellent opportunity and I am glad that I did it!

Karlton Weiskopf

I wanted to thank you for giving me the final push I needed to begin my NEMT business.  I had my interest in 3 different/but senior focused area.  I put my pen to paper with my strengths and weakness and  compared each business. With your help, I felt confident to choose the NEMT business. I purchased and have read your e-book.  Your words "Don’t go it alone” sold me.


My first business, successful but stressful, operated for 10 years. I was young and naïve, I was alone in my startup and operations, although I did have great employees and management that allowed me some flexibility - but overall, no one really understood the business and often times, when it came to the nuts and bolts of the business I felt alone. Your words and consulting background offered me reassurance in moving forward.  

Joel, I have just begun the process, but wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you are willing to take your experience and share it with others.  

Best Regards,  

God's continuous blessings to you and your family. I came across your short videos online totally not by accident but I believe by divine appointment as I was searching for something else. Your videos were so passionate and real, I immediately purchased your E Book on how to start a NEMT business and read and read and read some more. I didn't know anything about NEMT vehicles.  I just thought I'd provide an alternate mode of transport for anyone that needed it, medical or regular ambulatory people, with an emphasis on service excellence. Within a few short weeks I purchased a used beautiful 7 seated van.  Finding your material was God sent, because I was getting ready to start a business, there was so much I did not know.


Because of you I'm educating myself and working on the things I need to do to make my business legit. Your e book, newsletters and emails has been priceless. I'm planning to purchase as much as I can as finance permits.  I also want to join your organization and take advantage of any of your services that will help my businesses grow into a million dollar business. Like you, I too also want to be a blessing to as much people as I can.  I also want to start a home care business...you see I'm a ICU RN, 58 years old. I feel its time to put my experience to work in the business world. Sorry about this very long email, but I want to let you know I appreciate you very much.                       

God bless....
Beverly Howell 

I just want to thank you for all of your hard work and efforts in the last few days in negotiating a contract that we needed help with at the last minute. Joel, you did your research and came up with one of the best proposals to date.

For everyone in the UMTPG, this is not my first time enlisting Joel's help. Last year we worked together on various negotiations and each and every time we were successful. I will tell everyone out there, this man is great at what he does and what really matters is that he cares about you and your family. Joel will not let anyone take advantage of you.

If you need help with your business, Joel's help will be the best investment for you and your family. I started out with 2 vans in 2010 and now I own 30 vans. We owe our success to God, Joel and a good friend Carlos Banks who endorsed and introduced us to Joel.  Like anything, we had our doubts.

I am proud to say we are a million dollar transportation company and still growing.  But guess what, whenever I have questions or concerns I don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call Joel. He is worth every penny and is an invaluable resource.  Seeking his counsel has been the best investment since my Google stock went public!  LOL! 

Chris Land 

This is definitely the best day ever for me, finding out about this "life changing" information. I watched a YouTube video about Mr. Joel Davis' million dollars non-emergency transportation service. It inspired me even more to thinking about this idea as I thought about it for over a year now. This is my relation to this idea of business; I work with or help take care of individuals with learning disability. By job title, I'm a direct support professional.  Soon after a close friend of mine and I thought about starting a LLC non-emergency transportation company. We saw so many companies with the same idea growing by numbers. I know for sure I can make this service a lot more efficient and a professional one, which the experience I have gathered from my job will allow me to use that approach. Where my business partner and I lacked from starting our own with a better professional standard was that not having enough information about how we can bill the Medicaid funding of the individuals we would like to serve. So, in the past year and some months I have gathered enough information regarding billing and other business related paper work.  The video of Mr. Joel Davis boosted my motivation to another level.  This feeling of knowing something can be accomplished is just awesome. May God bless America and Thank you Maximus Management Group & Mr. Joel Davis.  

Biruk Desta 

I had no NEMT experience prior to working with Joel. I first purchased Joel‘s ebook “How to build a million dollar Transportation business,” and then enrolled in his coaching program. Joel greatly helped me put in place a solid business plan, and helped me avoid costly mistakes, from my company logo, website, vehicle selection, insurance, to staffing, etc.

When I started working with Joel, my goal was to purchase 3 vehicles, and start the business right away. Joel advised me to show him any car prior to purchasing it; however I didn’t take him seriously. I purchased a 2011 Ford Transit Connect cargo van (without telling him), and my plan was to convert it to a mobility van.  As soon as Joel saw the picture of the car, he knew it was an emotional buy, and was not going to work for the NEMT business.  He advised me to resell it before spending more money on it.

Over the following months, several times, I found vehicles that I thought were going to work, but Joel will not approve them, either because they were not ADA compliant, or have high mileage or too expensive for a start-up. I finally found one vehicle that Joel approved, and I am using it to start the business.

Joel is like a big brother, and is committed to the success of my business. Joel is definitely here to assist, he speaks from experience, and his advises are really precious. I plan to work with him for the years to come.

Wody Wodela